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Game Programming with Houdini and Flutter

Flutter is the best cross-platform solution that we have to build mobile apps. Flutter design allows us to use 60fps and it provides an easy way to build both the game graphic and the game User Interface.

Houdini, on the other hand, is totally different from your typical 3D modelling and rendering software. Houdini gives us access to dynamics, volumetrics, compositing, and a vast toolset that was designed to solve the very complicated problems in game design.

So it is just natural to mix these two platforms and build our games using them. In this book, we take you for a ride to use these two systems efficiently. We will build 5 games, both 2D and 3D.

You do not need to have a background in the game or mobile development. But we expect you to know a programming language such as JavaScript, ActionScript, or Dart.


- Mahdi Mamouri
- Hassan Shokri
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Game Programming with Houdini and Flutter - Mahdi Mamouri & Hassan Shokri

Table Of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Getting to know Flutter

    • Get to know Flutter
    • Introduction to Dart
    • Flutter Widgets
    • User Interaction
    • Asynchronous Programming with Dart
    • State Management
    • Testing
    • Flutter 2D Rendering
    • Environment and Maps
    • Flutter 3D Rendering
  • Chapter 2: Building our first 2D game

    • Let's write a good story
    • Generating Assets
    • Our First Simple Game Engine
    • Game Physics
    • User Interaction
  • Chapter 3: A short refresh on linear algebra

    • What is Linear Algebra?
    • System of Linear Equations
    • Linear Transformations
    • Matrices
    • Determinants
  • Chapter 4: Learning the basic of character modeling in Houdini

    • The Magic of Houdini
    • Modeling and Animating
    • Producing Game Assets
    • Terrain Generation And Environment Mapping
    • Dynamics, Volumetrics, and Physics
  • Chapter 5: Importing models to Flutter using Rive

    • How Rive works?
    • Importing and Exporting Assets
    • Vectors
    • Freeze
    • Clipping
    • Asset Revision Management
  • Chapter 6: Game Physics, Game Play, and Dynamics

    • Basic Concepts from Physics
    • Rigid Body Movement
    • Deformable Bodies
    • Fluid and Gates
    • Physics Engine
    • Linear Algebra and Physics
    • Calculus
  • Chapter 7: Rendering and Game Engine

    • Textures and Surfaces
    • Lighting
  • Chapter 8: Let's go to Mars

    • Opportunity: Mars Rover Getting Lost
    • Building the Environment and Mars Terrain
    • Spacecrafts
    • Rocket Science Physics
    • Animations and Sprites


Game Programming with Houdini and Flutter - Chapter 8: Going to Mars