Mahdi & Company


We are a team of data scientist, data visualization creatives, and digital storytellers that excel in using data science, machine learning, and data mining to extract meaningful business insight and data, and specialize in representing them in engaging interactive digital stories to broadcast the organization's visions to their customers, shareholders, and the broader community.

Our team started with our principle data scientist Mahdi Mamouri. But we quickly grow to a small team of dedicated developers and artists. We proud ourselves in managing the entire process of analysing the problem, designing data strategy, filter the data, training machine learning models, and building visualization and interactive dashboard to present the data.

What we do

How we work

1. Develop a Full Stack solution

We cover the entire stack of Machine Learning, and Data Science projects. From analysing, collecting data (through data mining or otherwise), building the network infrastructure to train and test models, to building APIs for extracting information from our models and incorporating them in your front-end or back-end.

2. Data Visualization

Before computers, Data Visualization was more art than data science. But technology has changed data visualization rapidly. Today, visual representation is not the domain of art. Instead, it uses technology heavily and is inspired by its artistic history. In Mahdi & Company, we inspire to build data visualizations that are first and foremost accurate.

But we want to inspire the decision-makers to understand, make a better decision, and even enjoy our visualizations.

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