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Data Mining

Data mining is the process of seeking valuable or interesting pieces of information from a large dataset that would be inaccessible otherwise. Extracting meaningful data from a large data set provides insights and answers to the problems that we could not define before. Mahdi Mamouri Company has worked to perform pattern detection, pattern prediction, and trend analysis in hundreds of thousands of news media and articles.

Data Mining - Mahdi Mamouri Company

Data Visualization

Data visualization is the artistic graphic representation of data to make it accessible, understandable, and distinguishable, Data visualizaiton allows us to find trends and patterns in data quickly.
Mahdi Mamouri Company has worked on using creative way to create data visualization. They could be used in a dashboard or they could be incorporated in a digital story that uses different media to tell an engaging story to its audience.

Data Visualization - Mahdi Mamouri Agency

Named Entity Recognition

Natural Language Processing allows us to perform automatic entity recognition on large quantity of texts. We have worked on named entity recognition in health care, legal, and journalism industry, and have trained dataset and extracted named entities from millions of documents.

Data Visualization- Mahdi Mamouri Agency

Asset Digitalization

Asset Digitalization involves converting physical documents to digital images, extracting the text using Optical Character Recognizaion, extracting named entities, and storing them in a data retrieval system.
In Mahdi Mamouri Company we have created a solution for this common problem called The Shoebox. We have tailored this solution for tenth of businesses.

Data Visualization - Mahdi Mamouri Co Agency

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