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The Shoebox: Asset Digitalization

The Shoebox is a suite of services and software (Mobile app, API, and custom made integration) that provide a comprehensive suite for digitalizing invoices, extracting the named entities, storing them in an information retrieval system, and generating reports from their information.

The Shoebox mobile app
The Shoebox - Invoice digitalisation
The Shoebox - supported named entities


Vaje: Computer Aided Translation Tool

Vaje is a Computer-Aided Translation Tool that helps translators, publishers, universities, and media organizations to transcribe, translate, and publish multi-lingual content with high speed and improved accuracy.

Vaje supports Arabic, Hebrew, Persian (Farsi), Urdu, Turkish, and Hindi. We are working to add support for more languages.

A Computer-Aided translation tool that provides a Translation Memory database to improve the translators’ efficiency
Vaje Computer-Aided Translation Tool: Table of contents
Vaje Computer-Aided Translation Tool: Collaborative Translations


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